Why Volunteering Abroad?

• International Exposure: Opening a wider horizon as the international community
• Cultural Experiences: Feeling and participate directly of cultural exchange
• Social Work: Covering the theme Environment, Education, Marginal Society, World Cultural Heritage
• Peace & FUN! Contributing to efforts to world peace movement.
• See the world through local perspective : Live with local rhythm and new family around the world

Volunteering Overseas

Outgoing is an international voluntary services program where IIWC of PKBI sends volunteers as individuals or groups abroad. To do so, we cooperate with international partners that are recognized around the world such as NVDA, CCIVS, SCI, and Alliance. IVS organizations around the world agreed on a rule in the volunteer exchange with the sending-hosting system, where an individual who wants to join IVS abroad must apply through local organizations in their living country. This organization (IIWC of PKBI for Indonesian only) later called the sending organization and will register volunteers to the designated organization (hosting). This is to ensure volunteers in terms of security, and that any volunteers to prepare well in accordance with the objectives of each project.

Who can join this program?

1. Be over 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, please send along parent permit letter with your application
2. Have good English.
3. Bear your health and travel insurance
4. Have experience in voluntary activity with IIWC*
5. Follow all the procedures
6. Be open-minded
7. Join the Pre-Departure-Training at least 30 days before your departure.
* based on availability project

Financial Policy

)* Allocated for placement scheme in IVS networking, and project financing - a social project in Indonesia
)** Allocated for implementation of training both offline and online
)*** Some Project site requires extra fee that will be allocated for the implementation of the program
How to join The Program?