Welcome to Spain

Spain (Reino de spana) is a country in southwestern Europa which along with Portugal, is found on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain land border with Europa is the Pirenia Mountains with France and Andorra. Its territory consists of the cities of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, Canary island in the atlantic Ocean, and various islands in the Mediterranean. Spain emered as a united country in the 15th century, following the marriage of the Cntholic Monarchy and the completion of centuries of contquest, or Reconquista the peninsula of the moors in 1492. Spain became an influential global empire in the early modern period, becoming one of the first countries to colonize the world new and left a legacy of more than 500 million spain speakers. High cultural diversity can be seen from some of the popular culture of Spain such as flamenco dances, bullfighting, bull-run and tomatina chich are heavily affected by various cultural backgrounds. The common thread of this cultural diversity is that love is are imbued with contradictory sitations esc.

 Spain has 4 seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter. Winter in Spain often occurs in January to July. The average temperature ranges from 9-21 degrees Celsius. January is usually the coldest time. This is often felt in northern regions such as Basque and Cantabria. While in the Western regions such as Madrid and Salamanca, it is cool to the point where you can still feel the warmth of the sun.Some tourist destinations that you should visit during winter: Sierra Nevada, Retiro Park. This summer lasts from July to September. Even though it’s called summer, the temperature and the weather isn’t as stinging as it is in Indonesia. The average temperature is 16-21 degrees Celsius. Even here the rainfall is still quite high too, so the temperature can reach 9 degrees Celsius.Some tourist attractions that you can visit in the summer:  Ibiza Island, Brava.Autumn in Spain runs from October to December. During the fall, the longer it usually gets colder. In September to October you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun, but later it will get colder, especially in the southern region and in the northern hemisphere it can snow.Some autumn tourism destinations that you can visit: Picos de Europa, Katedral Santiago de Compostela. Spring in Spain runs from March to June. The temperature is not as extreme as winter or summer. It’s just that, at certain times there is a wind that is so cool and even strong that triggers very cold air. The destination in the spring : Cordoba and Granada.


Some famous food from spain : Tortilla Espanola Khas Spanyol, Churros Con Chocolate, Paella,Cream Catallina, Empenadas, Pan Con Tomate, Fabada Asturian, Tigres, Patatas Bravas and Pulpo a la Gallega. Spain is also famous in the field of sports football.


1.      Be over 18 years old

2.      Have good English

3.      Bear your health and travel insurance

4.      Have experience in voluntary activity with IIWC*

5.      Follow the application procedurs

6.      Be open-minded

7.      Join Pre-departure-Training

*based on availability


1. Select the Program iiwc-pkbi.org/volunteering-overseas/

2.      Fill Application Form

3.      Registration Form

4.      Selection Process

5.      Documents Preparation

6.      Pre Departure Training

7.      Departure


Excavation and extraction of land in order to expose various sectors of the fortress; draw different stratigraphic sections and preparing files of the retrieved items; cleaning, sifting and classifying the items found; maintenance tasks on the forest surrounding the archeological site. Archeology work will be done while working on the Wall. Chores will be taken to dig and dig.

Accomodation and food

In “Alberg Mas Casadesus”, a farm house that was built in 1540. There are rooms with bunk beds. There is also a common full equipped kitchen, library, dining room, washing machine and free Wi-Fi. There will be homemade food provided by volunteers and field managers. The various feeding options will be discussed.

Location and leisure

Volunteers will have a wide range of afternoon activities, evening and night games, which aim to improve group relationships and venture into the area of human values.They will enjoy a spectacular nature space. There will be cultural outgoings in the area and also in Barcelona (the transport paid by volunteers).

Project hosted by

The Pere Tarrés Foundation, is a non-profit organization of social and educational action, dedicated to the promotion of education in free time, volunteering, the improvement of social intervention and the ‘strengthening of the associative fabric. Over time, its action has expanded to other areas of social action, such as training, research and management.

Additional comments

The work is suitable for everyone in normal physical condition


Comfortable clothes for the technical work.


Volunteers interested in the workcamp need to keep in mind that it will be an unforgetable experience, yet the place is isolated with lack of extra facilities. The work will be demanding and physical. 1. Set the pathway around the castle. 2. Clean and remove sand from inside of the castle 3. Cover the windows to prevent erosion. 4. Restore the ceilings damaged with the time. 5. Help to clean the the surrounding of the castle. Volunteers tasks might change due to the size of the group and work progress. We ask you to be easygoing and a bit flexible!

Accomodation and food

The castle as well as the area is magnificent, yet the life conditions are basic: Sleeping: interior with mattresses on the floor. Showers: outside (fresh water from the river) Toilets: 2 (no sink). Electricity: no electricity will be available in the rooms, the nearest plug is 30 ‘on foot. Mobile coverage: full availability. Ideal solar chargers for regular daily consumption. The volunteers won’t have to prepare food. You will need to bring sleeping bag, comfortable clothes, headlamp and a backpack.

Location and leisure

Castle of Requesens, Cantallops

Project hosted by

We want to carry out this volunteer workcamp to support the preservation and restoration of the Castle of Requesens and highlight the historical significance of the area. This workcamp gives a unique experience to restore a medieval castle located in the Natural Park of Albera. The workcamp will take place if there will be minimun 10 participants! The deadline is 25th May. Also, the type of work and everyday tasks may change due to the size of the group and work progress. Be flexible!
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