Who We Are?


Indonesia International Work Camp of PKBI Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana–Eng: Indonesia Planned Parenthood Association (IIWC of PKBI) is the first international voluntary services organization in Indonesia founded since 1998. We existed and actively involved in promoting global issues which rise from local potential. We believe that every community has potential to be developed by their strength. The presence of volunteers in community will be a trigger to raising local potential and spreading the spirit of volunteerism.
In the other hand, PKBI as our mother organization has 30 branch offices in all over Indonesia. Collaborated with PKBI’s branch, we develop 17 project sites out of 6 provinces in Indonesia.


What We Do?


IVS stands for International Voluntary Services, where the local institution or organization who have a partnership with others institution or organization send their own volunteer to help the society.

We are full member of NVDA (Network Voluntary Development Asia), CCIVS (Coordinating Comite of IVS), Partner of SCI (Service Civil International) and Alliance. As part of IPPA, we are full member of IPPF.
Recent Work
June 13, 2017

Training Camp Leader Summer 2017

Semarang, May 11st-14th Training camp Leader (TCL) was successfully run by IIWC of PKBI this year 2017 in Mangkang Volunteers House Semarang. The training was participated […]
February 23, 2017
Mangkang Square 3

Volunteerism as a Way Enhancing Youth Engagement in Environmental Governance due to the Globalization

Written by Muhammad Juwaini             Volunteerism, as a form of civic participation, can be a powerful mechanism for giving youth a voice in decision making and […]
February 23, 2017
Mangkang Square 2

Strengthening The Values and Spirit of Volunteerism Through IIWC

Written by Muhammad Juwaini             Volunteer is a person who performs a service or task willingly and without pay. So, not many people do want to […]