Megalithic Village Camp II 2019

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September 29, 2018
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November 29, 2019

Megalithic Village Camp II 2019

A Megalithic Village Heritage Project is located in Prai Ijing Village of Sumba Island. Prai Ijing Village is a traditional village, where you can find traditional houses. In this village, we can find the uniqueness of the house with the structure of the building. The village has many stories and tradition that the local people still apply it. Due to the frequent visitors come from domestic and international every day to this village, it makes this village become one of the touristic villages in Sumba.
However, the village needs more to set up the infrastructure and the community needs to manage their village to be clean as well. Also, since many visitors are foreigner, the local could not explain the beauty of their culture in English. So, whenever the visitors come to the village, they are just taking pictures and filming the village without gaining any information about the village due to the lack of English (or other language) skill of the communities. In collaborating with the local communities, the aim of this project is to strengthen the capacity of local communities in order to preserve their culture and to promote the village, nationally and globally.

What will the volunteers do?

• Creating Village Map: Volunteer will help local people to create map of their village to make good stucture of the touristic spot in order to help visitors understand the village better.

• Reconstruction: Volunteer helps local people to renovate the public facilities around project site.

• Historical Description: Volunteer helps locals to explain their local culture in the form of poster or brief narrative description.

• School Visit: Volunteer will visit some local school to share the idea about volunteerism and aslo have some fun activities with the students such as cultural exchange , handicraft by using plastic grabage.

• Social Inquiry: Volunteer has a chance to learn local culture by visiting neighborhoods in the project site.

Applicants should:
• Indonesian citizen
• Over 18 years of age
• Be passionate and motivated person in volunteering

The deadline for the online submission of application by August 9, 2019.

How to Apply
The candidates should complete the online application which can only be accessed by following link:

Further Information
Kindly visit these following links for further information on this project:
Facebook: IIWC of PKBI
Instagram: iiwc_indonesia
Twitter: @iiwc_indonesia

Contact Information
The specific questions regarding this project may be addressed via email to the following address:

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