Training Camp Leader Summer 2017

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February 23, 2017
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January 24, 2018

Training Camp Leader Summer 2017


Semarang, May 11st-14th Training camp Leader (TCL) was successfully run by IIWC of PKBI this year 2017 in Mangkang Volunteers House Semarang. The training was participated by six participants who qualified to join TCL. The training was conducted by 4 trainers. They are Dania, Bi, Mariyam and Faisal. This training also helped by Riyan and Afi who support the preparation since the training start until the training ended.

TCL is the chance to everyone who want to commit and lead International work camp in IIWC of PKBI for two weeks. Everyone can be the Camp leader with some recruitments that IIWC of PKBI made.  This summer season there were 25 candidates already register but only 10 applicants who qualified to join the training.

This training contains introduction about IIWC of PKBI as IVS and the whole frame work about the organization and projects, MEFC (Motivation, Expectation, Fear, contribution) Lecturing, games, conflict management, pre, during and post work camp system.

First day of training participant get introduced to International voluntary service (IVS) and IIWC of PKBI organization as the first session. During the session, the trainee very enthusiastic to ask about IIWC of PKBI. The training also gives to the participant about how to deals with the people who comes from different culture, language, mindset and habits.  After that the trainee were divided into 2 groups they were asked to play games. Play in harmony was one of the favorite of the game because the trainee could learn how to unite in diversity of the voice that they produce. Most of the activity of the Training was actually reflection for the real work camp that the trainee will conduct.

The next day the trainee present the result of the survey that they did. The first group Ninia, Ningsih and Ulin present about the action that they gonna do is “Welcoming Holy Ramadhan” to welcoming Ramadhan months. They will clean the Musholla to make locals feels comfort when pray. They will start to clean it by themselves later they hope people will help. They already ask permissions for tomorrow from local chief and local helper. And the other group Ridjal, Febri and Nanda present about “Having Fun With Rubbish” Many rubbish around settlement and people didn’t care about it. The target is children aged 5-8 y.o maybe collect 10 children starts at 2pm – 5pm. The aim is for increasing awareness and so on. They will make competition about collecting rubbish, they will be given trash bag and the winner is who can collect the fastest. They expect clean environment about this.

Cultural night performance by the trainee and host family

Cultural night performance by the trainee and host family

The entire training was wonderful since beginning for the trainee. They also thank full to the trainer that they got a lot of useful information as their preparation to lead the International Work camp in IIWC of PKBI.

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