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February 9, 2017
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What is IVS?


IVS stands for International Voluntary Services, where the local institution or organization who have a partnership with others institution or organization send their own volunteer to help the society. The word “volunteering” implies to a wish to offer one’s time, effort and skills for the accomplishment of different tasks such as helping young children with their homework, educating people about health, taking care and protect the strays, etc. While the word of “services” often used to describe it are words such as duty, work, employment or labor. So International Voluntary Services is based on individual desire to provide something to someone and doing so within a certain period of time to get a great outcome.

International Voluntary Services started after when there is a group of young people from different European countries came together to help rebuild some of the houses destroyed in the first world war in 1920. They made sure that joining international group effort to help people in need means to build human bridges across deep trenches torn up by the war and promoting peace and understanding. They believed in the principle that the young people should engage voluntarily in their activities, principles which have remained valid up to today. In 1989 a few of the major International Voluntary Service NGOs established a “steering group” to indicate and describe barriers to international voluntary service at the national and international level and to work together towards the elimination of these obstacles.

Voluntary service projects durations in IIWC of PKBI can distinguish between short term projects, generally called “work camps”, lasting between a few days and two weeks. The second category in terms of duration are “long middle-term voluntary”, for the middle term lasting between six months and for the long term voluntary between six until twelve months.

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