Why Does Nuansa Mandiri Cooperation Become Special ?

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February 22, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Why Does Nuansa Mandiri Cooperation Become Special ?

Nuansa Mandiri

Activities in Nuansa Mandiri IIWC 2This article starts with two interesting phrase that we should know. First, it is about what is Nuansa Mandiri cooperation, and second, it is about who are the foreign volunteers mentioned in the title. Okay, lets talk about both of them!

In the beginning of this new year, I got a chance to assist two foreigners who want to be volunteer in a project in Semarang. The project is in Nuansa Mandiri cooperation. It is concerning in micro finance and woman empowerment. In addition, there is something that makes this cooperation special and different from the others, they are the existance of foreign volunteers and the partnership with PKBI. These volunteers come from Belgium and Germany.

Nuansa Mandiri cooperation started from the ideas from the founders that women should be productive. They should be able to earn money for her own self, not only depending to the husband. These woman made some creative handy craft and souvenir to be sold. Time by time, they try to develop it by joining exhibition about home industry at Solo, 2005. During three years, the member want to develop it by achieving a legal state from government, then they started to register this group of productive women into a cooperation. This legal state finally achieved in 2008. After being legal, the member is increasing. In 2017, the active member is about 200 people. They do micro finance such as saving money and having  a debt. Beside, the cooperation also give some education about reproduction health to the member because this cooperation is corporated with PKBI, the one who is concerning on this. In addition, the coming foreign volunteers make this cooperation grow greater.

There were some activities which is organized by the volunteers from Belgium and Germany. They were children class, yoga class, football class, school visit, and some others daily activities like going to the market to do micro finance with the member of Nuansa Mandiri cooperation. The volunteers did this project for one month, it was in January 2017. They stated that they were glad to have this project. They could help to empower women to be more productive. Moreover, one thing that they enjoyed very much is that how they could learn about Indonesia and share many things with the society.

An article by Uswatun Hasanah / English Literature Unissula

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