Toraja Heritage Work Camp

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February 22, 2017
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Toraja Heritage Work Camp

16th September 2016 is the first day of Toraja Heritage Work Camp. The output of this project is mapping the area around Toraja. On the first day the volunteer got orientation. This orientation consist of explanation about Indonesian and Toraja cultures, local costume tentative schedule and survey around campsite. To support this project, it has vandalism campaign.  Vandalism campaign is a campaign about vandalism and hygiene in Yesus Baruke Monument. The volunteers asked the visitor to keep clean the area by put the garbage together and they made petition.

The main program is Torajamapping. Mapping aims to map the area around the campsite which has potential to be the solution of the issue. Firstly, the volunteer must survey the area around campsite. After the surveyed finished, they
visit to some places such a place for making bamboo traditional music Toraja. They want to see the potential of this traditional music can be the issue for the next work camp or not.

Besides mapping, this work camp also has several programs.  They had Green School and Origami Class. Green school activities aim to utilize vacant land in SMA Kristen Makale for planting vegetables. While origami class, an activity for the introduction of all member IIWC to children around the campsite. This activity also aims to introduce Japanese culture to children in Toraja. Then, Candle Project aims to utilizing the waste cooking oil to be used as a candle. The waste cooking oil is collected from some of the houses that exist around the campsite.

Camp Leader : Haris

Written by : Ninia Rakhma

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