Makassar Women Empowerment Project

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February 22, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Makassar Women Empowerment Project


Pertamina-IIWC Makassar Empowerment Work Camp is started from 11 – 24 August 2016 with one international volunteer from Japan; Yukie and several local volunteers from Makassar. In the work camp, we’re not only concentrating in the project theme, but also in social and environmental values and children. The work camp started with activity support KWN Fatimah Az Zahrah. We gave vitamin to baby and measure their weight. Then we played together with the children in Patingalloang village also we had creative class that attended by many children. In creative class we made a photo frame and everyone look so happy at that time. Also we taught the children how to make note book from reuse paper then we taught them how to say “please”, “thankyou” and queuing. On that day is more peaceful than before because the children now more organized.

On Monday 15th August 2016 the camp leader and volunteers were visiting Pertamina Company as the sponsor and partnership of this work camp. PT. PERTAMINA (persero) is stand for Persatuan Perusahaan Pertambangan Minyak dan Gas Bumi Nasional or State Owned oil & gas company (National Oil Company). They explain how produce and distribute gasoline around Sulawesi island. The volunteers felt so happy because they got a new knowledge and realized how rich Indonesia. We had active discussion, because many volunteers asking about gasoline in Sulawesi. As a CSR partner we also presented our activity and our plan in this project. Pertamina also give a space for us to make the wall in the street nicer. So we had painting in the wall program with the volunteers and local teenagers to paint the wall together.

The volunteers also had school visit in several schools. There they’re presenting how to washing hand and brush tooth correctly. In Huang Tuah High School, Yukie introduce about Japan and raising awareness about social issues. Even it was only one international volunteer from Japan, but the atmosphere still awesome.

Campleader : Wahyu Agung

Written by : Ninia Rakhma

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