Deliserdang Work Camp

Borobudur Village Project
February 22, 2017
Gedongsongo Camp
February 22, 2017

Deliserdang Work Camp

Deli Serdang

Deliserdang work camp is conducted at 10th August – 22nd August 2016 that focusing in Kids and Education. In this work camp there were five international volunteers; one from UK, three from Italy and one from French. Although the main focus of this project is Kids and Education but in this work camp the volunteers had many interesting activities such as rice field observation. The volunteers walked around the field and enjoyed the view of Denai Lama. They took photos together with the children. They also had group vacation village visit. Here the volunteers made traditional snack called dodol papaya, banana cake. Also they made handicraft with the local people.  Though they didn’t know how to make it, but the local people taught them patiently.

The volunteers was feeling so lucky because they can attend the ceremony of Indonesia Independence Day at 17th August 2016 as special guest. Some of them said that this is their fist time to join in the ceremony. Even though they are not Indonesian but they must appreciate it and they showed that live in diversity is very interesting and peaceful if we can appreciate each other. From the diversity we can learn something new that we haven’t know before.

Since this project is focusing in Kids and Education so they had many activities that regarding with the children. School visit is their first program. They visit there schools and had several games and made miniature house together. Not only school visit, but the volunteers also had informal language class. They taught 3 languages in the class and it is beyond of their expectation because the student can understand it well.

Though all of their programs well done but the volunteers had a bit problems such as culture shock. The volunteer’s habits is like go out in the night and on the contrary they had to dwell in their house, it was a culture shock for them. They were thinking nice of the people in the village, but sometimes they just could not accept the concept of the village rule (society rule) since it was totally different for them. However, overall was okay for them since it was their first time to be in Indonesia and in the very village part of Indonesia.

Campleader : Yusuf Wildan

Written by : Ninia Rakhma

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