Borobudur Village Project

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February 9, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Borobudur Village Project


Borobudur is one of world heritage that located in Magelang Regency, Central Java. Borobudur temple is the biggest Buddhist Temple in the world, it has complete Buddhist relief. Many people come to Borobudur to see the temples and learn about the history, as well the local people that think and see Borobudur as tourist attraction. Whereas they must be the first reference for the visitor about Borobudur but most of them work as a seller in the Borobudur area. This phenomena become the reason why IIWC of PKBI to have a project called “Borobudur Village” collaborated with the local community to improve the awareness of local people in the preservation of their own culture.

Borobudur village project is started in 2016. We have four volunteers, for Short Time Volunteer (STV); one from Wales, two from Spain and one from Japan. There is also three volunteers, for Long Middle Time Volunteer (LMTV); two from French and one from Malaysia. In this project the volunteers has several activities such as have an English Class collaborated with Tourist Information Center (TIC) for the children after their finished school. This activity very useful for them because the children can apply what they learn from English Class if there is any tourist or foreigner who comes to Borobudur. Not only learning about English but also they learn drawing or others to forbid boredom in the class. They also had school visit, here they did cultural exchange and campaign about Borobudur Conservation. The campaign is conducted around Borobudur area, the target is Borobudur visitor. The volunteers made poster that consist about what shouldn’t do in the temples. This campaign goal is to support preservation of Borobudur as one of world heritage site.

Next, the volunteers visited in Borobudur Conservation Office to learn about conservation based on their background, education and skills. The volunteers also had cultural exchange event that collaborated with local partner. Here, they learn how to make several arts such as gerabah, batik, mask and playing gamelan (one of traditional music). And they have special three special events, they participated in Gerabah Festival in Karanganyar, Borobudur Youth Forum and Borobudur Go Green.

Written by : Ninia Rakhma

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