Rumpin Bangjo’s Project.

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February 9, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Rumpin Bangjo’s Project.

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Marina is an International Volunteer from Japan that joined in Very Short Term Volunteer Rumpin Bangjo’s project. She contributed herself to help and take care the children around Johar Market for 5 days. Even she had a problem that can’t speak English fluently but she’s never give up, her English improve well day by day. She practiced English by learning and doing.

At the first she got orientation and observation, she started to get closer with the children. She taught the children how to make origami. They made many kinds of origami, and the children keep it well at their home. Not only origami, but Marina also taught how to make and how to read Japanese calligraphy. Even though it is not easy for children but they did it very well and it made Marina look so satisfied and grateful.

This project also has fund raising event to help the children in Rumpin Bangjo. Marina mad sushi rolls by her then she sell it on the Car Free Day in Jalan Pahlawan. She walked around and ordering to the CFD’s participants. Many of them interested to try it, because of this Marina feel so happy because all of the sushi rolls was sold out.


All of the money from the fund raising donated to the children in Rumpin Bangjo at 23rd July 2016 in the Celebration of National Children’s Day (Hari Anak Nasional). Marina hopes the money can be useful for the children and they can use it wisely. And the children in Rumpin Bangjo receive it with the happily and thankful to the Marina and IIWC for their help.

The last day in Semarang, Marina had school visit in Al-Ilman Elementary School. She came to the class one. There, Marina taught the children how to make a simple origami. After they finished they took a picture together with their own origami. Then, the children was hanging up their origami in the class room.

Although she only stayed for five days here, she said she already know the hard life of street children. “It made me wants to help more and come back here again. I was so happy here to help the children, I’ll be miss them”, said Marina. After the project finished, she just realized that her English improved well and again it is one of her reasons to be so happy here.

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