Cultural Exchange

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Cultural Exchange


According to Edward B. Taylor culture is a complex whole, that it contains the knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, mores, and other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society. Every places has their own culture and culture is so unique, we can’t denied it. Cause it has their own characteristic to distinguish their own culture than others. Even though in some places have similar culture but we can find the differences among them. Cultural exchange involves the correlation exchange of symbols, artifacts, rituals, or technologies with the culture itself. Examples include mutual influence on religious beliefs and how to practices, technological exchange, the music and visual arts and so on.

The Republic of Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populated nation with 203 million people. With over 17000 islands of which 600 are inhabited, it is home to 300 ethnic groups. The four major cultural groups are the Sundanese in West Java; the Javanese in Central and East Java; the Madurese on Madura and in East Java; and the Balinese in Bali. An extraordinary range of belief systems, material culture, and arts where it is composing one of the most ethnographically rich and diverse countries in the world. Temples, beautiful poetry and literature, theatrical performances, rich mythologies, and sophisticated thinking have distinguished Indonesia for centuries and continue into the present. Since of that, many foreigners come to Indonesia to be volunteer, tourist even stay in Indonesia to learn and understand well about Indonesian’s culture.

IIWC of PKBI is one of the non-government organization that held a work camp with local and international volunteers. Not only work camp, but the volunteers also have so many projects to do and cultural exchange too. International volunteers learn many cultures about Indonesia like learning Indonesian traditional dance, tasting the most popular and tasty Indonesian food, practicing to speak in Bahasa, Indonesian customs, visiting and learning about Indonesian histories in some historical and heritage places. All of them look so interesting and excited to know and learn about Indonesian culture. Not only learn about Indonesian culture, but the International Volunteers also have an opportunity to show off, explain and promote their own culture to the local people or the other volunteers that come from many countries. Like what we said before, culture is so unique because it has a characteristic and that’s why cultural exchange is important to appreciate and improve our knowledge about other cultures.

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