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Ternate Literacy Street

February 1, 2017
Nuansa Mandiri Project
February 1, 2017
Toraja Heritage
February 9, 2017


The famous Eastern Indonesia region has abundant natural wealth. Ternate city included as eastern Indonesia region as it located in North Maluku Province. The city surrounded by sea and consists of eight small islands and three of them are uninhabited. It gorgeous, swathed with jungle and wild clove trees area. Read more: here. This magnificent tourism of Ternate is not equal to conditions of marginalized children who live in the city of Ternate. There are at least 50 kids who live in vulnerable groups without enough access to studies as well as their time to playing around. They have limited time to maximize their reading interest. The book is expensive, and the libraries are only available in school or in public place, but only open in office hour. This condition triggers some youth to raise a program named “Literasi Jalanan” (in English means Streets Literacy). Literasi Jalanan is a place for providing the books and access for the marginalized kids.

The Aims:
1. Provide spaces for marginalized kids who want to studies while playing around on the street.
2. Provide opportunities for children to have the spirit of learning and studying other cultures.
3. Raising kids dream through the boundaries


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