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Deli Serdang – Lingkaran

October 31, 2016
Music Camp – Vulnerable Children Project
October 31, 2016
October 31, 2016


Denai Lama, Deli Serdang, located in the East Coast region of North Sumatra. It has three beaches with distinctive natural western Indonesia. Rainfall is sometimes high in the beginning of the year, and make the weather in Denai Lama tends fresh. Deli Serdang Education project collaborated with local non-profit organization called Lingkaran, an alternative character education program, for children and youth who lived in coastal area. In view of non-formal education, Lingkaran has aims to build up character of children and youth as well as mentoring in resilience youth’s period. Lingkaran has curriculum as guideline for the entire educational program by psychosocial theory based on character building. At the hand of art, they develop lot of activities to create enjoyable learning atmosphere. Another beneficiary for this program is children’s parent. Twice in a month, all the parents will have meeting, called parenting education to discuss about best interest of every children in family.

Aims and Objective:

1. Provide a place for raise the creativity of kids
2. Raising kids dream through the boundaries.
3. Cultural exchange among kids and volunteers
4. To increase child self convidence through presenting method and performing either traditional dances or music instruments.
5. To increase the pride of child on their traditional and local culture

This project only available for Long Middle Term Volunteer


International Volunteer

You need to contact an organisation in your country of residence or in a neighboring country to apply in our project. We do not send and host volunteer as individual.

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Local Volunteer

You can apply directly to us by send you application form. We open recruitment for volunteers, camp leader, peer volunteer in certain date, please check our website regularly to keep updated.

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