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October 31, 2016
Deli Serdang – Lingkaran
October 31, 2016
Semarang Urban Farming Project
January 20, 2017


Dance4Life is an organization based in Amsterdam, who works together with local partners (National Concept Owners - Rutgers WPF for Indonesia) that develop and implement the programs on the ground, in almost 20 countries around the world. This program provides young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect their health and promote safe sexual choices. Dance4Life are a nonprofit that believes in the power of an attractive brand to create impact. They use the universal language of dance and the positive energy of music to connect with young people as equals: we’re in it together. The approach of Dance4life program combines the youth culture through social media, language, icon, music and especially dance. Dance4life introduces 4 unique steps which well-implemented in communities, school, and universities. The 4 unique steps concepts are described through four words, they are Inspire, educate, activate, and celebrate. This type of work camp will be promoting the movement of Dance4Life by visit some schools, universities, and communities within two hours length of time for each event. Volunteer will be accompany by our local volunteer who well-trained about Dance4Life. IIWC of PKBI runs this activity collaborated with our sister organization Pilar PKBI Jawa Tengah. Dance4Life Camp will be held in 5 branch of PKBI; Grobogan, Semarang Regency, Semarang City, Solo City, and Rembang Regency.
Dance4life involves the youth by giving them personal experience, interactive and emotional. The main aims are:
1. Youth understand basic information about sexual health and reproduction with the rights
2. Youth understand the issues of gender and sexuality & understand sexual issues as part of human rights.
3. Youth uderstand basic information about HIV, AIDS and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)
4. Youth understand about unexpected pregnancy and how to prevent it.
5. Youth understand the problem and potential of sexual violence
6. Youth understand the self-potential and the influence of friends and surroundings.
7. Youth are able to share the information they got to their friends and surroundings.
8. Youth learn some development skills to increase their self confidence.


International Volunteer

You need to contact an organisation in your country of residence or in a neighboring country to apply in our project. We do not send and host volunteer as individual.

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Local Volunteer

You can apply directly to us by send you application form. We open recruitment for volunteers, camp leader, peer volunteer in certain date, please check our website regularly to keep updated.

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