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Tegalrejo Red-District Project

October 30, 2016
Mangkang Mangrove Conservation
October 6, 2016
Music Camp – Vulnerable Children Project
October 31, 2016


Tegalrejo Red-District project located in sub village, Jatijajar village, Bergas Municipality, Semarang regency, Central Java. It takes 1.5 hours from the city center of Semarang. At the beginning, IIWC of PKBI organized the project in cooperation with NOVIB IDO which concerns in the prevention of STI and HIV/AIDS in Tegalrejo , a prostitution area in Semarang uptown. Somehow, after the first HIV/AIDS prevention workcamp in Tegalrejo on February 2007, this project has turned to be more focus on the education especially highlighting the mental side of the children in the prostitution. This is due to the lack of concern on this issue from all stakeholders in Tegalrejo prostitution area. Since then 8 out of 9 workcamps organized in Tegalrejo have been implementing the projects for KIDS.
Aims :
To promote or introduce the shelter among the local youth or students nearby
To motivate the children about the importance of education
To organize activities for the children in prostitution area
To exchange culture between participants, local people, and local students
To Empower local people to be more aware on eco-friendly lifestyle, & health

To create fun –educative (non formal approach) activities for children.
To motivate the community (especially teenagers in the area).
To strengthen international friendship among countries through NGOs.
To deepen and to promote mutual understanding between Indonesian and foreign volunteers.
To exchange the vision of each country’s living aspects, including education, culture, and way of life, especially which concerns to education and children.
To spread out the idea of voluntary service and international work camp among the local people


Shelter Edu for Kids

This shelter is called Rumah Belajar IIWC (Learning house centre ). Volunteers give teaching or learning session or any kinds or regular activities to children. After the workcamp finished, there will be a long middle term volunteers who stay several months in this house to run the daily activities with children.

Cleaning with Kids

Besides education and attention problems in children, health and hygiene issues also become a focus in the camp Tegalrejo. Because the camp activities also involve children in activities to share about clearing the rubbish.


To deepen and to promote mutual understanding between Indonesian and foreign volunteers ,we also arrange and join sport activities with local mother and local youth , such as ask the kids to play soccer,learn silat or just join the aerobic exercise with local people.

Birth Certificate for Kids

There is so many kids that born without birth certificate. It's happened because kids were born from family that has no identity card either. Kids with no birth certificate in Indonesia couldnt acces school, insurance from government, or any other kind of public services for free.

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