Mangkang Mangrove Conservation

October 6, 2016
Tegalrejo Red-District Project
October 30, 2016


Mangkang Environment Project located in Mangkang Wetan Village, Tugu Municipality, Semarang City, Central Java Indonesia. As part of 6th biggest City in Indonesia, this area’s development is left behind compare with other area. The project is answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of North Java Sea in Mangkang. This area is now in danger due to the abrasion of the sea, cutting mangrove by local factory and heavy force from the river flows. Back then, there are a lot of fish and shrimp ecosystem there, but now since the condition of the mangrove forest is getting worse, it is quite difficult to find the species anymore. Fisherman also needs to go further to the ocean to fish and it means much work they need to do to earn money. When floods or rob come, one farmer loss more than 1,500,000 Rupiahs per years. Garbage problem was re-raised in the recent years. Lack of local’s awareness about environmental friendly lifestyle will destroy the nature slowly. They also face problem they do not have integrated garbage management system, even worsted by there is no daily truck garbage picker in this area. Local community initiated to make recycle stuff from garbage to decrease the impact of the nature.
To initiate the project of protecting the sea shore by planting mangroves, and to increase the awareness of the local people, the fisherman, and local students to protect their environment as well as their future.
To Empower local people to be more aware on eco-friendly lifestyle, & health

To create fun –educative (non formal approach) activities for children.
To motivate the community (especially teenagers in the area)
To strengthen international friendship among countries through NGOs
To deepen and to promote mutual understanding between Indonesian and foreign volunteers
To exchange the vision of each country’s living aspects, including education, culture, and way of life, especially which concerns to education and children.
To spread out the idea of voluntary service and international work camp among the local people.


Planting Mangrove

We plant baby Mangrove in whole year about 36,000 seeds. We also support on monitoring and maintaining the seeds from the threat or destruction from animals. We also replace damaged baby mangrove from other animals.

Urban Farming

Cooperate with local Urban Planting Community in Semarang. We made one spot as an urban farming center. We regularly plant many kind of vegetables to full fill their own household need.

Garbage Recycle

Local mother and local youth initiated to make recycle product from garbage. In term to reduce bad impact to nature, they make some creation such as; tote bag, shopping bag, home decoration, and children toys.

Eco-Friendly Campaign

• Environment education to local people and children • School visits for environment education • Green campaign in city centre
International Volunteer

You need to contact an organisation in your country of residence or in a neighboring country to apply in our project. We do not send and host volunteer as individual.

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Local Volunteer

You can apply directly to us by send you application form. We open recruitment for volunteers, camp leader, peer volunteer in certain date, please check our website regularly to keep updated.

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