IVS Changed My Life!

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March 8, 2016
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February 8, 2017

IVS Changed My Life!

Reported from Tallinn, Estonia! 8th March 2016.


70 delegates on CCIVS Day 2016 shouted “IVS Changed my life!” CCIVS stands for Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Services & IVS stands for International Voluntary Service. As member of CCIVS since 2000, IIWC of PKBI participated on this special event called CCIVS Day 2016 on March 8th, 2016. The event happened right after TM Alliance 2016. IVS is a global movement started during the end of World War II. On that moment, plenty of youngsters voluntarily contributed their energy and mind to help to post-war recovery for society. On half century after, this movement invented, IVS become a platform for youth to work together in the harmony of cultural differences. This movement expect to reach a huge impact to local people as wells as millions of youth all around the world to create world peace toward friendship.

CCIVS Day this year has an agenda to discuss with member about planning in the future and what we could continue to reach our global mission. This meeting aimed to provide space for members to share IVS program development from in each country, CCIVS plan of action development and to strengthen cooperation beneath members. We have been discussing IVS challenges in every country as a reflection and a study part for other organization.

To start thematic discussions, CCIVS asked all member to attend and evaluate concerning on CCIVS White Paper implementation. CCIVS White paper explains about vision and roles of IVS in realizing world peace and general objectives as well as strategies on organizing IVS programs. Through White Paper, we analyzed implementation result of the members and focuses on program sustainability. Afterward, the discussion went to evaluation and to get feedbacks about CCIVS focused campaign between 2015 – 2016 which are Raising Peace, Freedom of Movement, IVS Against Climate Change & World Heritage Volunteer. Some of members participated in some those campaigns.
One of their campaigns tagged ‘Rising Peace’, firstly launched on 2014. One year later, it focused on human right fulfillment, immigrants rights, refugee, and civil right as well as body and sexuality right, and creating peace. They used tools of communication and participation to reach the goals.
IIWC of PKBI participated in this movement and selected as one of implementing organization last year and willing to participate again for this year. Our project which were participating the campaign are: Borobudur for World Heritage Volunteer, IVS Against Climate Change through Mangrove Planting Project in Mangkang, and Raising Peace in Tegalrejo Red-District Shelter Project.
In the future, IIWC of PKBI will more and more participate in creating world peace through international volunteering program. With the spirit of volunteerism, IIWC of PKBI committed to organize various work camp along with our local partners in our framework to each empowered community.

written by : daniamoehas (originally in bahasa)

translated by : sanny

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