Mangkang Camp – Spring 2015

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March 8, 2016

Mangkang Camp – Spring 2015

IMG_0133IIWC has organized another Winter-Spring Camp 2015 for environment and education theme in two villages in Mangunharjo and Mangkang Wetan, Semarang, Central Java. The camp had its main activities which were planting mangrove and socializing to the local children about environmental issues.

The camp was held from January 13th-26th 2015 and led by Rinif Fajar Noor Pratama and Nurul Hidayat who were both Indonesians. Not being alone, they were supported by new friends from Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

During the camp duration, they planted in total 6.000 baby mangroves, guided by an expert in mangrove from a local partner Biota Foundation, Mr. Sururi. Planting mangroves was a new experience for all of campers. They enjoyed this activity even though the planting area was quite muddy and slippery. Planting mangroves was completed in three times during the work camp and the sea shore was the only place for planting area. They tried to do their best even though Mr. Sururi accompanied them only in the first planting.

Not only planting mangroves, but they also visited primary students in Islamic Pimary School(MI) Al Hidayah especially of 6thgrade. The school visit aimed to socialize how to make garbage box by reusing littered papers in their own classes and to throw garbage wisely into it. The students also had the chance to learn English with the volunteers in this session.

On the other day, the campers spared some time with local children by holding games competition next to campsite. It made local children so enthusiastic and really glad to participate in. Some campers were excited because they did not find similar type of races in their country. Therefore, they should be patient with local children to be able to control the competition.

At the end of the work camp, the campers did a campaign about mangrove in Simpang Lima in Semarang downtown to introduce to more people all about mangrove and at the same time volunteers fundraised by selling chips and mangrove cakes. It was all sold out in two hours. The money generated was given back to the people of Mangkang who made these products. “It’s first time for me doing this. It was a great experience that we had,” stated Tei, a Korean volunteer happily.

Envi and Edu Camp has been done by all of campers including the camp leaders. The main tasks have been done well by them. Most of people know how important planting mangrove is that is to prevent abrasion in their surroundings.

[Writer: Nurul Hidayat/Editor: M.D]

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